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About the Tribute

The Veterans Tribute at Kaskaskia College is a unique, heartfelt monument that honors the men and women who have served, currently are serving, and those who will serve our Country in the future. Historically, memorials are designated for those who have left us, whereas the Tribute on KC’s main campus honors all veterans, those living and deceased. The Tribute allows students, family members, and visitors a connecting link to veterans by providing a broader spectrum, appreciation, and understanding of the magnitude, of all the veterans have done in preserving democracy and in keeping the dream of freedom alive.

  • When completed the Tribute will have the space to proudly display the names and branches of service for 150,000 veterans who have connections to the KC College District.
  • The Tribute consists of three phases:
    1. Phase 1 – The construction of a plaza with walls to accommodate more than 25,000 names, seals of the five branches of service, the installation of a bronze eagle with a 10 foot wingspan in the center of the plaza, American flags, cherry trees and paving bricks for honoring veterans.
    2. Phase 2 – Completion of additional walls to accommodate more names. This phase will be sub-divided into the construction of a wall at a time, depending on the available resources and the number of names that are submitted
    3. Phase 3 – Construction of an Education Building that will be equipped with a computer lab and AV services for visitors to have access to historical documents, information, artifacts, and data on the history of the United States starting with the Declaration of Independence.
  • The Tribute campaign has an overall goal of raising $1 million dollars to complete all three phases. Phase I is complete with over $500,000 being raised. Funds are currently being raised for phases II and III.
  • The creation of the Veterans Tribute was established through a committee made up of area citizens and veterans.
  • The project is being funded 100% through private donations.
  • The groundbreaking for the Tribute was held on Tuesday, May 22, 2012.
  • Construction on the Warrior’s Court, the first two walls and flag poles began in July of that year.
  • That same year, the eagle sculpture, prepared by sculptor Mike Curtis arrived.
  • In August of 2013, the granite pedestal for the eagle and the pylons for the seals of the five branches of the armed forces were put into place. The eagle was then placed on the pedestal and the seals set up on the pylons.
  • In late August, 2013 the first set of granite panels containing the names and branches of service for area veterans were put in place on the east wall of the Tribute. The remaining panels were installed in October. With those panels in place the first two walls contain the names and branches of service of 25,296 veterans. In early December the cherry trees were planted around the outside of the Tribute in preparation for the spring.
  • The Tribute will also provide an excellent educational benefit for students of all ages as they learn about the role that veterans have played in the preserving our freedoms.

For additional information:

Jim Beasley
(618) 292-4461

Don Berdeaux
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